Patients Stories

Radha Devi
In last 9 years i did not have single day without pain in both knees. Arthiritis made my life miserable. My knees were bowed & useless.

To everyone's surprise, I started full weight bearing walking on day 1st of Surgery. On 2nd day i climbed steps. My both knees wre replaced. In less than 2 weeks i can manage all my house work, kitchen work & cooking etc.

I feel happy & knee replacement gave me new life which was panic for last decade.

I thank Dr. Swetal D Bhavsar & Central Hospital for my successful recovery in a very short period.

Arvinder Kaur
Rheumatoid Arthritis made her immobile. Her knees became useless because of the rapid loss of cartilage due to severity of disease. Her bones became osteoporotic before the age it shall be.

After losing all faith from other treatments she came to our Hospital. She was examined & investigated for all problems thoroughly and was suggested various surgical treatment options for Knee treatment. She selected the best irrespective of she could get it in lesser costs.

She was operated on both sides by Dr. Swetal Dilipkumar Bhavsar by MIS Non Invasive & Minimally Invasive Approaches, in Modular Operation Theatre which is having HEPA Filters & Class 100 Type operation theatre. Surgery was done under Epidural Anaesthesia. She was made walk very next day, physiotherapy started sooner after surgery to make her muscles strong.

Her progress was faster than she expected and in a week she felt like heavenly relief from the Knee Pain which accompanied her for years over a decade. Post-Operatively she was discharged and sutures were removed. After that she is allowed to perform her all normal day to day life activities as per her requirements.

Happy Knee Replacement Patient's