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Radha Devi

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Joint Replacement Surgeries at Central Hospital

Usual Recovery Schedule:

Normal Course of Treatment during Hospital for knee Replacement Surgery:

Day 0 Before Surgery:

Pre-Operative Tests, Laboratory & Imaging. Pre-Operative Health Analysis is done in a salient way to obtain Medical Fitness for such a valuable Surgery.

Day of Surgery:

Patient is inside operation theatre for cleaning, sterilising operative parts. After that Anaesthesia given & Surgery is performed by our experts. Soon after patient is brought out from operation theatre we start in bed Continuous Passive Motion Bending with C.P.M. Machine by our Knee Physiotherapist. She will also teach you Deep breathing Exercises to clean lung & cough.

Post-Operative Day 1:

Walk as much as you can with help / without help of support like walker / stick. Some patients walk without support, some need it till they build confidence. Bending exercises, Walking, Climbing Steps Up & Down. Self / Assisted Sitting on Sofa - Chair & Commode is started.

Post-Operative Day 2:

Dressing is changed. A light dressing is applied & then Yesterday’s schedule is repeated with more bending & more walking is allowed. Usually majority of patients can walk 100 metres 3-4 rounds in 2/3 days. Patients do excellent if especially they are lean with good muscle power & if they have good confidence.

Post-Operative Day 3:

If you are local resident / someone you have in town you can go home with SOS follow up. If you want to stay longer for your comfort or to avoid nursing hurdles at home you are allowed to stay up to your comfort zone. Outsiders usually love to stay in hospital till staples are removed.


Trauma Department (Accident Unit):

Our Orthopedic Trauma Department is equipped for 24 Hours Open Trauma - Fracture Care Unit.

Latest Minimally Invasive Fracture Treatments:

Nailing, Plating, TBW, K-Wiring & other Accident Surgeries.

24 Hours Emergency Services & Less Invasive Trauma Management with comparative faster recovery than conventional open surgeries.

Other Services:

Arthritis Clinic & Pain Management:

We run Special Clinic for Arthritis & Non-Surgical & Non Invasive management for chronic painful conditions of bones, joints & muscles where surgery has no much role to benefit to benefit.

A few Sittings of Thin Needle Injections under the IITV & Computer Controls in Operation Theatre are given to help the patients.

This helps to control both acute & chronic pain in patient who are not medically fit for Surgery.

Arrive at our Pain Clinics for Non-Surgical Treatments.

Arthroscopy (Key Hole Joint Surgery):

Small punctures, Minimal bleeding, Early Discharge, fast Recovery.

Get the surgery & discharge on same day/next day.

Sports Medicine (Sports Injuries & Gym Injuries):

Ligament Sprains - Cartilage Damage - Muscle Injuries & Soft Tissue Pains.

Avail benefit of our Sports Medicine Clinics for Injury Prevention Diet & Nutrition Advice for Sportsmen & Gym Workers.

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