Joint Replacement Surgeries at Central Hospital

Why to tolerate pain? Come & get your knees fixed for a fast recovery and freedom from the pain of Arthritis…

Salient Features of Surgery :

  • Surgery is Done in the Best Infrastructure & Under Strict Aseptic Precautions:
    It is called Class 100 Type operation theatre. Ours is a Modular Operation Theatre which is having HEPA Filters, Vertical Laminar Air Flow. Operation Theatre is fully equipped for Total knee Replacement & total Hip Replacement Surgeries. Doors are automatic & it is best sealed for preventing any contamination from outside. We have 3 barriers and we always fumigate Operation Theatres twice before any Joint Replacement.

  • Disposables:
    We never use used gowns or cap, masks but we always use disposables for patients’ safety. No matter it raises costs but it is for patients’ benefits & people who want quality work usually don’t mind for price difference. We use Pulsatile Lavage for Knee & Hip Surgery.

    We use Either No Tourniquets / Disposable Silicon Tourniquets or Digital Tourniquet as per patient’s condition & budget. We always use electrically controlled Operation Table sterilised with sterilizing solutions.

  • MIS vs. Conventional Approaches:
    MIS approaches chosen according to patients’ deformities, age, gender, BMI & Bone as well as Soft Tissue Conditions. MIS means less cutting, less bleeding, less pain, less inflammation & less use of antibiotics as well as analgesics after surgery. Usually MIS patients can be discharged earlier than standard invasive procedures. When MIS is contraindicated Surgeon has to choose Invasive procedure for better correction of deformities and better fixation.

  • Anaesthesia Choice:
    Talking about the Anaesthesia we select Epidural Anaesthesia which is the best for pain relief post operatively, with least side effects. We always give priority to our patient’s health unlike others who use pain killers haphazardly to reduce cost of Anaesthesia & Pain Management after Surgery. Epidural Anaesthesia is best for pain relief post operatively with least side effects & we give priority to our patient’s health unlike others who use pain killers haphazardly to reduce cost of Anaesthesia & Pain Management after.

How we differ in Knee Replacement than others?

There is a strict protocol to consult our Kidney Specialist (Nephrologist), MD Medicine Physicians & Cardiologists (Heart Specialist) before performing Surgery as well as guidelines are obtained for giving any medicines to our all middle & old aged patients.

This is done with an intention to avoid any unwanted complications. All Physicians teams guide about the calculated risk & benefits of the Anaesthesia, Surgical Procedures & Post-Operative Medical Care.

There is no compromise done at any level just to reduce cost of Surgical Package.

We have Class 100 Operation Theatre having Laminar Air Flows with HEPA Filters for Total Knee & Total Hip Replacement Surgeries. We own the latest orthopedic equipment for Arthroplasty & Trauma.

Our Department offers guarantee for Standard Imported & FDA approved Artificial Durable Joints.

Our doctors are trained in abroad for specialized skills.

Our Protocol is "Fast Rehab & Minimal Necessary Stay in Hospital"

There are Luxurious Packages with High End Services in Suite Rooms & Deluxe & Private Rooms for VIP people, Foreigners & Medically Insured Patients.

We also have quite affordable Budget Packages in Semi Private & General Wards for everyone without compromising treatment part.

Medical Tourism for Joint Replacement

We are also working for Foreign Patients for Medical Tourism. Foreign Patients can get the Surgery done at almost 10 times less cost than they have to pay in USA, Canada & UK etc. countries.

During recovery period the patient & the accompanying person can spend a nice time in Resorts/Hotels & Sightseeing in the Beautiful & Natural Environment of Uttaranchal, India.

General Visiting Hours to           Meet Patients
  • Morning Time: 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
  • Evening Time: 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM


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